Thursday, November 23, 2006

To be alone is one of most beautiful experiment..

You are not disturbed any more by the others; you donot
force yourselves any more yourself to do something which
one awaits from you. Only, you can do what you want to do,
you can feel what you want to feel.

All which you need is to detach you from your mental. Your
mental is not your mental; your mental is only one representative
of the crowd to which you belong. It is not with your service,
it is with the service of crowd. Crowd put, in your mental, a
detective who continues to force you, even if you are alone,
to comprise you according to rules'. All the secrecy is to be pilot
the mental one; allow your nature to be and say clearly to the
mental one: “You are not with me, I came in the world without
you, you were given to me later by education, for the example.

You are something from abroad; you do not form part of my
nature; at least when I am alone, I only leaves.” You must learn
how to say to the mental one: “The farm!” and to allow your
nature full freedom.

Once you learned that the mental one can be put on side and that
you can be really alone, you will be immensely astonished by the
beauties, innocence, the perspicacity which you have. Because
with the mental one you are not really alone, all these voices,
those of your parents, those of the teachers, the priests and the
politicians are recorded in the mental one and the mental one
simply continues to repeat them. It is a superb strategy played
by the company against the individual.

Courtesy : Osho - Extract of: From Death to Deathlessness

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