Saturday, November 18, 2006

A thought of Chaitanya...!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Way to Permenant Joy

Attaining permenant joy or happiness remains the biggest

challenge for humans. For centuries we are following many
sets of rules- we call it philosophy,science, cults, religions,
race..whatever ! That have not helped overcome the problem.

So What is the way out?It's simple.

Live every second of your life in Bliss.It's easier said than done.
so here's how to do it in practicle life :

Smile !

Make This moment of life happy. Then see that next moment
will be similar. You can connect this happy state of mind with
your breating. Everytime you breath in, believe in mind that you
are taking in the Happiness inside. Then ensure it for the next
moment.. then next.GO on.

life is just a string of moments. Make as many of them happy as you
can. That is the happy life.You may not succed in it at one go. You
may have taken tens of thousands of breaths in your life without
happiness. body won't change that all of a sudden. but keep on
practising, for as many time as possible, for as long at a strech as possible.

Courtesy : Chaitanya

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