Sunday, December 31, 2006

New year __/\__ Resolutions..!

Everyone has the special regards over the first day of the year. All over the world, the new year celebrations are well planned to welcome the forthcoming year. People used to accustom with grand parties over night and these are all the sign of opening the year with warmth.

Some people used to take resolutions and they set a goal to achieve them , through out that year. Resolutions,if carried out successfully, not only act as short-term goals to success but also helps to improve life and overcoming those habits, which we do not like.

The unfortunate reality is that , for most people, the year goes by with little or no change. We do our jobs and live our lives, but our dreams don't come true. Some things do change, but life doesn't seem all that different. Not like we hoped..

The New Year is a good time to make resolutions. but what is the point of taking resolutions,if we can't keep them.We need to have the desire, the will power to execute the plan .We should plan the requirement a month before the new year eve. So that, We can strengthen the ways of executing them.

Take time to review the last year resolution and Measure the success with your actual requirement. This will help you to know, where you lack and what could be done further to fullfil it. Be clear with what you need and what you are going to achieve.Take only one resolution at a time. So that ,the focus can be core. Decide , what reward can be given to you after you achieve the target. This will boost up your desire whenever you slow down the process.

Sometimes its easy to forget the resolution after the New Year euphoria passes away, and one is tempted to postpone the resolution to the next year. Plan to remind yourself of it throughout the year. Write your resolution and stick it , in a place where you can see it often.

Enhance your strengths, act against your weakness and see what and how you can utilize the opportunities for the year and see, whether you have to prepare yourself against any threats.

Wish you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2007..

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Indian woMEN......!

The Position of Women in India ,right from the ancient through medieval to the modern times has always attracted debate. Some scholars said that women enjoyed greater freedom in the days of yore, others hold that the opposite is true.women have always been fighting for equal recognition in society.

In India, the roles traditionally assigned for men and women are that of bread-winners and home-makers, respectively. but nowadays, women have to play their roles in both the ways. In the last decade, women’s approach towards the society was different. They realized that they were at the back and they jumped into the field of work like forming women’s liberation clubs, meets etc.

Did they achieved what they aimed??

Ofcourse, They did.Today women with their smartness, grace and elegance have conquered the whole world. They with their hard work and sincerity have excelled in each and every profession. Women are considered to be more honest, meticulous, and efficient and hence more and more companies prefer hiring women for better performance and result.

By the result of this, women got engaged, all most in all fields of work. As I told before, they are supposed to play their roles at home as homemakers as well as bread winners. The pressure is doubled now. As a women, I can appreciate the efforts and efficiency of women community who fought for the equal recognition in the society. At the same time, women have to spend more energy to meet out the Situation arises both at home and also at the work spot.

Indian men are same as the days of yore till this modern time. They never change their ideas and they got conditioned in such of way of doing work only at the office.They like to be more comfortable and they are also ready to title the women as the energetic, smarter than them, by doing things both at home and office.

We enjoy the freedom now and we tasted it too. But we are not aware about the pressure what we undergo. Thats why, we are capable of doing things. How far it goes like this..

Where we missed ……..????

Monday, December 18, 2006

Boost up your self esteem..!

Having good self-esteem is the ticket of making good choices about your mind and body. If you think you are important, you'll be less likely to follow the crowd. If you have good self-esteem, you know that you are smart enough to make your own decisions. You value your safety, your feelings, your health - your whole self! Good self-esteem helps you know that every part of you is worth caring for and protecting.

Following are six behaviors that increase self-esteem, enhance your self-confidence, and spur your motivation. You may recognize some of them as things you naturally do in your nteractions with other people.

First, greet others with a smile and look them directly in the eye. A smile and direct eye contact convey confidence born out of self-respect.

Second, always show real appreciation for a gift or complement. Don’t downplay or sidestep expressions of affection or honour from others. The ability to accept or receive is a universal mark of an individual with solid self-esteem.

Third, don’t brag. It’s almost a paradox that genuine modesty is actually part of the capacity to gracefully receive compliments. People who brag about their own exploits or demand special attention are simply trying to build themselves up in the eyes of others and that’s because they don’t perceive themselves as already worthy of respect.

Fourth, don’t make your problems the centerpiece of your conversation. Talk positively about your life and the progress you’re trying to make. Be aware of any negative thinking, and take notice of how often you complain. When you hear yourself criticize someone - and this includes self-criticism - find a way to be helpful instead of critical.

Fifth, respond to difficult times or depressing moments by increasing your level of productive activity. When your self-esteem is being challenged, don’t sit around and fall victim to ‘paralysis by analysis’.

Sixth, choose to see mistakes and rejections as opportunities to learn. View a failure as the conclusion of one performance, not the end of your entire career.

Self esteem test

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Get ! Set ! Go....

It's a well known fact that the biggest reason most people fail to achieve any real success in their life is....they never plan to. They want to. They dream about it and fantasize about it. They talk about success. Maybe they even read success books, listen to success tapes and attend success seminars.However, the sad fact is that unless a person has some incredible luck (like winning the lottery), their chances of succeeding without a plan are almost nil.

Some goal setting tips to keep in mind,which I read in an article.

Make goals meaningful. Goal setting for the sake of goal setting almost always ends in disappointment. Goal setting is simply a tool to use in achieving a favorable outcome — what some people call a “Dream.”

Use positive language and the present tense when setting a goal. It is better to say “I weigh a healthy, trim and fit 60 kgs” than “I want to lose 20 kgs.”

Always put your goals in writing. Every expert agrees that setting a goal without putting it in writing drastically reduces your chances of success.

Goal setting should take place in every area of your life, including Health, Relationships, Spiritual, Career and Financial.

Setting Life Goals will add dimension, excitement and texture to your life. Failure doesn’t always mean that you did something wrong in your goal setting or implementation. It may just mean that the time you allotted for success wasn’t adequate. A thorough review process should be undertaken before setting the goal again.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Talking about good & bad..Is that Good? or Bad?

Nobody sees things exactly the same way. One hundred people will see the same thing a hundred different ways, so there is no absolute way to determine what is bad or good. What is "good" to some people becomes "bad" for other people, depending on the circumstances. As time and situations change "good" may become "bad", and "bad" may become "good". So what is good? What is bad?

The law changes all the time. Something that used to be legal may become illegal; something illegal in one country may be legal in another country at the same time! So what is good and bad? What is legal and illegal? There is no clear answer.

We lead life with what we believe and things got conditioned by the society and the norms, rules and regulations. We lead a restricted life and For us, life is full of adjustments. So we are in need of moulding our personality to get adjusted with the people, we move. Anything , adjusted with the other, lose its originality. Someway, we prepare ourself fittest for the survival.

Cultures and its style fixes and decides good and bad things. Let us have a clear vision of good and bad things according to the circumstances what we face. And Let us try to understand the circumstances and the people whom we interact. So that We can have a better relationship.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Ego is a is a social need, it is a social by-product.Everybody is adding our ego, and everybody is trying to modify it in such a way that we don't become a problem to the society.
Ego always in search of food, that somebody should appreciate it. That's why we continuously ask for attention.We get the idea of who we are from others. Others shape our center.

One center we come with, which is given by existence itself. That is the self. And the other center, which is created by the society, is the ego. Through the ego the society is controlling us.

Without the screen of the ego, there are moments. One is the dreamless sleep.and the others are love and sex. In dreamless sleep the ego completely disappears. If you have two hours of deep dreamless sleep, in the morning you are new, fresh, alive. Everything seems to be new, because you are new. So make it a point that sleep is very valuable. don't miss it for any reason. if you follow a regular pattern of sleep the body will find it easier and the mind will find it easier to disappear.

In lovemaking, totally the ego disappears, because at the highest peak, at the highest climax of lovemaking, you are pure energy. The mind cannot function. With such joy, with such an outburst of energy, the mind simply stops.Thats why, both sleep and love fetches the joy , the bliss.In both experience , we are totally out of Ego.

Try to see your own ego. Just watch it. The more you watch, the more capable you will become.Suddenly one day, you simply see that it has dropped.

When you are mature through understanding, awareness, and you have felt totally that ego is the cause of all your misery, simply one day you see the dead leaf dropping. After dropping , you can be with the real center the soul, the self, the god, the truth.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Is intelligent - intellect the same?

Mind is not your intelligence

It may sound strange but this is a truth, that mind is not your intelligence. Mind can be intellectual, which is a very poor substitute for intelligence.

The intellect is absolutely bankrupt. It has nothing of its own, all is borrowed. And that´s the difference between intelligence and intellect. Intelligence has an eyesight of its own, a capacity to see into things, into problems. Intelligence is your born quality.

Intelligence is the growth of inner consciousness. It has nothing to do with knowledge.Intellect dissects, analyses. It is the instrument of science. Intelligence is a natural phenomenon just as breathing is, just as seeing is. It is your very being, your very nature. An intelligent man looks into life and whatsoever is there he is ready to see it. He has no barriers to his vision; his vision is transparent. An intelligent person has the ability to think, understand and has the ability to learn with the available resources provided to him.

What is your idea..