Friday, December 15, 2006

Talking about good & bad..Is that Good? or Bad?

Nobody sees things exactly the same way. One hundred people will see the same thing a hundred different ways, so there is no absolute way to determine what is bad or good. What is "good" to some people becomes "bad" for other people, depending on the circumstances. As time and situations change "good" may become "bad", and "bad" may become "good". So what is good? What is bad?

The law changes all the time. Something that used to be legal may become illegal; something illegal in one country may be legal in another country at the same time! So what is good and bad? What is legal and illegal? There is no clear answer.

We lead life with what we believe and things got conditioned by the society and the norms, rules and regulations. We lead a restricted life and For us, life is full of adjustments. So we are in need of moulding our personality to get adjusted with the people, we move. Anything , adjusted with the other, lose its originality. Someway, we prepare ourself fittest for the survival.

Cultures and its style fixes and decides good and bad things. Let us have a clear vision of good and bad things according to the circumstances what we face. And Let us try to understand the circumstances and the people whom we interact. So that We can have a better relationship.

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