Sunday, December 17, 2006

Get ! Set ! Go....

It's a well known fact that the biggest reason most people fail to achieve any real success in their life is....they never plan to. They want to. They dream about it and fantasize about it. They talk about success. Maybe they even read success books, listen to success tapes and attend success seminars.However, the sad fact is that unless a person has some incredible luck (like winning the lottery), their chances of succeeding without a plan are almost nil.

Some goal setting tips to keep in mind,which I read in an article.

Make goals meaningful. Goal setting for the sake of goal setting almost always ends in disappointment. Goal setting is simply a tool to use in achieving a favorable outcome — what some people call a “Dream.”

Use positive language and the present tense when setting a goal. It is better to say “I weigh a healthy, trim and fit 60 kgs” than “I want to lose 20 kgs.”

Always put your goals in writing. Every expert agrees that setting a goal without putting it in writing drastically reduces your chances of success.

Goal setting should take place in every area of your life, including Health, Relationships, Spiritual, Career and Financial.

Setting Life Goals will add dimension, excitement and texture to your life. Failure doesn’t always mean that you did something wrong in your goal setting or implementation. It may just mean that the time you allotted for success wasn’t adequate. A thorough review process should be undertaken before setting the goal again.

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