Friday, November 10, 2006

Empathy - feel someone within you..!

Empathy is about listening and understanding
feelings. It is a ability to communicate and lead
by understanding Other’s thoughts, views and

No two people share the same experiences, thoughts

or emotions. In order to truly understand the other,
we need to understand his/her experiences, thoughts
emotions as well as words and outward Behaviours.

Sharpening our empathy skills will lead to a better

personal and work Relationships, higher credibility,
more clarity in our communication.

When empathy is highly developed, human beings

become more human. With the ability of empathize,
we humans can show greater sensitivity Towards others.
Empathy helps us to understand from a position within
Ourselves. It heightens our sense of acceptance as a person.

True empathy is the ability to develop trust and

openness with others. Empathy is more than
understanding. We can only understand when we
Listen - not only to the words, but to the feelings

being expressed. Empathy Means that we understand
not only the feeling being expressed. But the Ideas and
the feelings go with the words.

When we are empathetic, we are sensitive to the

feelings being shown. Tune In to others and try to
understand their needs and wants. When someone
asks For help, try to be sensitive to what is not being
said as well as to the person’s actual words.

So Try to be empathetic and taste the natural glow

of others within you.



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