Friday, October 13, 2006

Welcome the Failures..!!

You might be astonished to read this title , welcome the failures.

Why?.. why I should welcome the failures , while I am towards my success to achieve something in my life. Is this a right phrase…? Let us share..

“Life is Difficult”

Once we understand and accept this truth, life is no longer difficult. Because the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.

Most people do not fully accept that life is difficult. Instead they moan about the enormity of their problems, burdens, and difficulties as if life should be easy. They voice their belief that their difficulties represent a unique affliction that has been visited upon them.

Life is a series of problems. Do we want to moan about them or solve them?

Confronting and solving problems can be painful. Indeed, because of the pain that conflicts engender in us, we call them problems. And since life poses endless problems, life is always difficult , full of pain as well as joy. Yet it is in meeting and solving problems that life has its meaning.

Problems are the cutting edge that distinguishes between success and failure. Problems call forth and create our courage and our wisdom. When we encourage the growth of our spirit, we boost our capacity to solve problems. It is through the pain of confronting and resolving problems that we learn.

As Ben Franklin said, “Those things that hurt, instruct.” For this reason, wise people learn to welcome problems.

Fearing the pain involved, we avoid problems. We procrastinate, hoping that they will go away. We try to get out of them. The tendency to avoid the emotional suffering inherent in problems is the primary basis of mental illness.

Some of us will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid our problems and the suffering they cause, trying to find an easy way out, building elaborate fantasies to the exclusion of reality. But, the substitute ultimately becomes more painful than the legitimate suffering it was designed to avoid.

When we avoid dealing with problems, we also avoid the growth. Let us learn the need for suffering and the need to face problems directly and to experience the pain involved.

Discipline is the tool we require to solve life’s problems. Without discipline, we can solve nothing When we teach ourselves and our children discipline, we are learning how to suffer and also how to grow.

Welcome the failures to step into the stone of success.



geethalatha said...

very nice...tholvi kandu odubavarkal kandippa ithe padikkanum...ithe padicha ninnu face pannuvaanga enthe perachanaiyayum...innum niraiya ethirpaarkarom ithu pola...geetha

Rajasekar said...

It's really nice to read... I agree that failure leads to a successful life and we could learn many things in the world from our failures. I have faced so many failures to get one success and this gives me immense pleasure!

sowmya said...

hi rajasekar, thats really nice to hear an optimistic thought as well as behaviour

sowmya said...

thanks geee..