Sunday, October 22, 2006

Present is a Present..!!

living in the past. Why we do that. We go back to the past at the the present moment and we like to have the delicious moment of journey we have arrived from.

Construct the future. Why we do this.. We like to shape our further process of what we do in life in a better way, by learning and observing from the environment.

Why we all stick to these two things mostly…?

By going back in time, is to reflect on the lessons events have taught you and to grow in wisdom and to savor the precious memories that you were blessed enough to experience well. So the present which holds the past memories nourishes you than the present moment when it happened.

if your intention - in going back in time – nourishes you , then its good. But if your intention and reason to go back into your past is to dwell on bad things and to worry over things you cannot change and to rehash painful times, then it's an unhealthy act.

But thoughts are not similar always. The person’s mind and the ideas that he has it when he is thinking , depends upon how he practiced himself looking things in optimistic or pessimistic ways. Those thoughts induce to have the pleasure or sorrowful moments in the present.

Being in the present, Construct the future may help the person to do better than what we he did in the past. and it also helps the person to have a fantasy about living and it those fantasies nourishes him and he is also planning to achieve certain goals by construct the future in the present moment.

After all humans are pleasure seeking animals. We are ready to accept the incidents and its outcome or feedback, if they are giving us delicious moments. But we are also fighting for the survival. So worries and painful moments are envitable.

How to come out of these…

“Live in the now" .. "Enjoy the moment."
So that you can adopt that moment whatever it gives you. Acceptance is a beautiful term, which can be feel only in the present state. Now..where are those worries, you have to worry for where your worries have


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