Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happiness and Life are not two different words..(?)(!)

I often ask the question, “What do you want from life?”
The answers people give are vague. Few people can say, “I want these things, for these reasons, and this is how I intend to achieve them.” These people are living life passionately and enthusiastically. They rarely complain or talk negatively about others or refer to happiness as a future event.

So what do they have that most people don’t? They know what they want.

Do you know what you want from life?
What are your dreams?

Think about it. Ponder it, and list those people, places, things, and experiences that you believe will make you happy. We all have a natural thirst for happiness, and we do the things we do because we believe they will make us happy.

We know the things that make us happy, we just don’t do them. Why? We are too busy trying to be happy.
We are too busy doing just about everything, that means just about nothing, to just about nobody, and will mean even less to anyone 100 years from now!

Most people are not thriving; most people are just surviving, just getting by, just hanging on. What’s the problem? What’s missing? What is it that we need that we don’t have? Some would say that it’s a lack of commitment, but there is a greater void—a great purposelessness.

Many people have lost any sense of the meaning and purpose of life; and without understanding their own purpose, they have no true commitment. Whether that commitment is to marriage, family, study, work, God, relationships, or the simple resolutions of our lives, it is hard to fulfill without a clear understanding of our purpose.

Once I thought that if I could change my surroundings, I would be happier. Discovering my purpose has caused me to realize that happiness is an inside-out job. When I am focused on becoming the best version of myself, I am happy. Only the pursuit of my essential purpose satisfies.

Think about this..!!


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