Sunday, April 15, 2007

A gossip about Gossip !

Go..ssip !

Every one gossip about someone , seek excitement doing that. We are more interested to know about others. And we like others should get revealed to us. We don’t normally see the gossip under the indecent way of behaviour. Gossip is everywhere, from low level to VVIP level. We dont even have an idea, why we are suppose to gossip about someone to other. But its interesting to do. And we also think, its harmless doing gossips. We find pleasure out of it and passing time by munching someone’s actions.

Why we gossip?

I think, we gossip about others because we are not sufficiently interested in the process of our own thinking and of our own action. We want to see what others are doing and perhaps, to put it kindly, to imitate others.

Gossip! It is a form of restlessness, Like worry, it is an indication of a restless mind.
The person, who is hearing the gossip from some one, seems to think that others are revealed to him by his being concerned with them ,with their doings, with their thoughts, with their opinions.

But do we know others if we don't know ourselves? Can we judge others, if we do not know the way of our own thinking, the way we act, the way we behave.

“f you are aware about your gossip to some one, it will indicate an awful lot to you about yourself. You can even cover up your behaviour by saying that you are inquisitive. It indicates restlessness, a sense of excitement, a shallowness, a lack of real, profound interest in people which has nothing to do with gossip.- J.K”

Is anyone interested in gossips, even after reading this :)


Shiva said...

Gossips are most often projecting ourselves in others lives. The gossips have more to tell about the gossiper than the person who is gossiped about (Gossipee??).

The was a good pick from JK.

Gossip often emanates when we want to test the human response to a stimulus, not risking to make oursleves a guinea pig, we make others so.

A thoughtful post Sowmya!

Mahendra said...

I have always believed talking behind someone's back is wrong. I hate gossip and try my best to keep away from it, though I may not always succeed...

Sowmya said...

Thats nice feedback from both of you shivan and mahendra.Thanks :)

Ramya harish said...

hi soumya,, first time at ur blog.. nice post.. i hate gossips too, though am very talkative.. when i start listening to someone and learn that they r gosipping abt others.. i tell them sarcastically to mind their business with a smiling face.. they will change topic suddenly..

unga tamizh super... enakku dhan ella post um padikka time illa,,.

i dropped at few songs at ur audio blog.. ur songs r very nice.. u r a great singer..all the best..

do visit my blogs when u r free

meena said...

wow ...What a nice thought!!!!Very good post.Absolutely right Sowmya.very neatly presented like your song blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice manner of saying an interesting point Soumya. And don't worry, my opinion is not based on gossip :-)