Sunday, April 15, 2007

Richard Dawkins - The Big Question: Why are we here?

To see more video clips of Richard Dawkins visit here.


arvindh said...

Dawkins is just great. I am looking forward to reading "the god delusion".

priya said...


Keep that PDF link alive regarding books. I am yet to finish a book and will come back for this ok girl.

sowmya said...

Aravinth -->> Yeah !he is. you can click the "dont miss this " option and read that book in this blog itself

Priya -->> you are always will be there :)

Mahendra said...

Watched this finally today! Nice one!

I never really felt the need to expose myself to literature or media that espoused atheism, because I grew up as an atheist and always feel like "been there, done that"!

But apart from watching this, I've also started reading the God's Delusion, so let's see!

Sowmya said...

Hi mahendra,

Thats nice to know that you started reading Richard dawkin's after seeing this video