Saturday, November 20, 2010

So What….!

I would like to dedicate this to a good soul around me..

So what.. !

So what if something made me bad..

So what if i feel like everything goes wrong..

So what...if my life gives me all the pain…

So what...if someone is not there for u in life..

I am ready in all the way and ready to face it..

Let me know my capability of me

How far i could tolerate things...let me know

How strong i am...let me know

Life is full of options..

It gave me so many things around me..

The mistake is in my choice..

Its ok..not all the time..i cant be so right..

That doesnt mean...i cant be so right hereafter..

I will be right and i will make a good move..

And as life taught me some a reply i will also teach the life some lesson..

I have that purity in me..

I am so genuine in what i am doing

Then why the hell i lack confidence..

Nothing is a compulsion here..

I wish to be here

And i wish to be like this

And i wish to have my own life on my own way

Some times my dear most friend Life..may not be at my side to make

my wish come true…

let it be..

After all my friend -- THE LIFE

So he has the right to do that..

Still i wish to be with him and proceed further

I will teach him a lesson through this…

I wont oppose..but surely life will learn a lesson from me…


Yaadhum Aanavan said...


vazha illai sappadu said...

:( history repeats

Anonymous said...

ahem :( history repeats ... all said n done

Mala said...

so good and it applies to everyone