Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Three Cs for one C

- Clarity
- Congruency
- Consistency


Clarity means discovering what you are designed to do. One of the greatest benefits of Clarity is having realistic expectations for yourself. Clarity allows you to have realistic expectations of what you can and can not do.It’s one thing to know what you are designed to do.

The main idea of Congruency is to align what you do. When it comes to congruency, most of us are rather badly out of alignment. You may need to make some adjustments. Most will be incremental, but some may be radical, such as changing professions. The goal is to spend more time using your strengths. That’s where performance and satisfaction both peak.

Consistency means staying with it. Its just like the traffic in a city.You accelerate as the light turns green, only to stop at the red light on the next corner. This pattern of starting and stopping repeats itself over and over as you make your way to your destination. It’s impossible to gain any momentum.

Careers can have momentum, too. Career momentum is achieved by practicing Clarity and Congruency over a long period of time. Dr. Bernard Bloom of Northwestern University discovered that it takes between ten and eighteen years to achieve world-class performance in any career. You’ll never get there if you keep switching careers.The secret to gaining momentum in your life is to do what you are designed to do over a long period of time. It all starts with Clarity. So go ahead with the all three Cs and choose the career according to your interest and skills.

Have a wonderful living with your own choice.


Balaji S Rajan said...

That is a very good small piece of motivation. I totall agree with the fact that to gain momentum in your life is to do what you are designed to do over a long period of time. Yes, it does work.

Kumar said...

I came across your blog recently.
This is an amazing piece.
When I look back and see how I reached where I am, I can see the progress has always been influenced by these Cs in varying degrees at different times.

The other topics here too are good.

Excellent writing!

Anonymous said...

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shree said...

hey i am very interested in vipasana.i ve a link i will send it to u

SUMI said...

Very well articulated.
Yeah, I realized about a couple of years back that the trick is to concentrate on your natural strengths, and work on your weaknesses just enough for them not to hurt you.

SUMI said...

wait a minute... did you write that or is that an excerpt from somewhere?

The Visitor said...

Wow! Wonderful, insight. I must confess that I lack all the 3 C's and that is why I am where I am career-wise :(

Sowmya said...

Ha ha sumi..

"Everything that you read is an influence on everything you write, and you want to draw as many elements into your work as you can."

Thanks for ur feedback :)

Sowmya said...

hey visitor,

An apt name for the blog world.

Thanks for your visit and ur feedback :)

Sowmya said...

hey kumar,

Nice to see u here too.Thanks for the comments :)


Hi sree,

Nice to know about your interest. Thanks :)

Sowmya said...

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priya said...

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Chaitannya said...

great post. Keep on

priya said...

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priya said...

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Parasmani said...

I enjoyed reading this segment. People pay a lot to get this kind of awareness from "Gurus" and here made my day.