Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where our talents gets stimulated..?

Motivation is what we LIKE to do naturally. Talent is what we DO well naturally. They can exist independently, but when they combine, they create something special. They create motivated talents.

People often are naturally good at something (talented), but it just doesn’t turn them on. For example, Hema is good with numbers, but she doesn’t go out of her way to find tasks calling for that talent. Most people have such talents. But then there are those talents that we really enjoy using. These are the motivated talents, and this is where the magic is.

We use motivated talents every chance we get. Most of the time we don’t even think about it. For example, raju has a motivated talent for conversation, and he naturally engages both friends and strangers in dialog. He doesn’t consciously determine to do so. it just happens. It’s natural and unforced. He enjoys it,and he is good at it. That is the hallmark of a motivated talent.

Motivated talents tend to be irrepressible. They find expression. In fact, if you have ever tried to stifle a motivated talent (either yours or someone else’s) it probably felt like you were trying to hold two dozen ping pong balls under water at the same time. Motivated talents pop out, even if no one else is asking for them. And doesn’t that make sense? After all, it’s what we do well and enjoy.

(An idea I got it from Bubble theory- ref)


Balaji S Rajan said...

Your post about motivation is right. I have felt the same many times. By the way, you have a good blog. I shall read your old posts in leisure. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Jeevan said...

Nice thoughts about Motivated talents. really i feel the talents should be encouraged and there must be freedom to proceed on our own.

barbi said...

hmm nice that you got time to write so many blogs..

i wish i had the time too..

motivated talents? i got motivated to start a new blog too.
just deciding on cooking.. hehehe

sowmya said...

Balaji rajan ->> Nice to see u here.keep visiting.

Jeevan -->>Freedom can not be given by others. and it should not expect from others.

Barbi ->> Happy to know that this blog post motivated you to start a new one.All the best for the new born.

meena said...

Hey sowmya,You make me explore more and more of ur site.Talents are obviously what you have naturally.Its a GOD given thing to you.For which you need to thankful to HIM.Motivation is some kind of energy which boosts you up for a betterment.It may be a human form.The 2 combinedly makes wonders undoubtedly!!!!Nice one..