Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tears tares the ego..

Tears, idle tears,
Tears, soulful tears,
Tears, helpless tears,
Tears, determined tears,
Before I accepted The life of aspiration,
My tears were the tears Of real sorrow.
Now that I have accepted The life of aspiration,
My tears are not tears of sorrow But tears of real joy.
I like the tears That flow from the depth Of my helpless despair.
I love the tears That flow from the depth Of my dawning aspiration.
I adore the tears That flow from the depth Of my Liberation-sea.

-Sri Chinmoy

What! a lovely poem.. hmm I feel the same way as expressed in the poem..

Tears are the only outlet to ventilate one's extreme emotions like sorrows & happiness. Only humans can get to know what is smile and how it spreads over as a mood , which is healthy and also welcome by everyone. As we accept Smile while being happy, and so should we have to accept the tears while being sad. Tears are always considered to be an unwanted way of expression in one’s life. As long as, emotions are part and parcel of our life, we just cant avoid tears.

In fact, one should feel happy to get tears at their eyes. It’s a right way of ventilating and understanding one’s own feeling, whether the feeling is sad or happy. Tears shows the depth of the feeling. From tears , we are about to know our own personality, the values we respect, and it also strengthen one’s mind to get out of the sad mood.

I love to cry more.. Because , only those tears showed me who I am in different environment.


Shiva said...

Beautiful Sowmya.

Pain is the profound of all the felings. Tears liberates the pain and fill the profound void created by it. How I wish, I still have the innocence, that would allow me to shed those tears!

Sowmya said...

hi shiva,

Nice to see you here. I would like to put a post regarding this tears in my tamil blog.lets see

Thanks for your feedback :)