Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An answer to a Blogger Question..

Q: "Being alone is heaven " one soul said. That is not the truth.
Sharing is heaven"

A: Like to be alone is completely different from feeling loneliness. The exact meaning for loneliness is unhappy .Because you have no friends or people to talk to, you feel the loneliness. Loneliness is a sad feeling feel by a person when he misses something aroud him. But aloneness is, something , a person like to be with.

A person who like to be alone, chooses the environment where he/she feels the enjoyment within himself/herself. It is a tendency of being detached from the group, without planning or trying to be alone from the group. No one can do any practice to develop that tendency of being alone.

I am not saying, being alone is heaven for someone who really don’t want to be alone. There are people who like to be with a group, like to share things with the group. I am not declaring , aloneness fetches you heaven in earth, if you adopt that. Instead, I said, the people who like to be alone finds more enjoyment with their aloneness.

I can even say in a simple way too. Sharing needs two people atleast. If the other person , whom we like to share our things may differ from the thoughts of what we share to him/her. Sharing expects recognition.

Why we like to share things?.

We like to put ourself in a comfort zone by sharing. It is one of the way of getting recognition from the person to whom we share our things. Its all depend upon the person. We would like to share our things to people who are ready to listen/accept/console. Sharing doesn’t mean to be positive all the time. It also includes criticisms/difference of opinions.

Sharing can happen with a person often, if he/she gives you the comfort of understanding. We cant share things with everyone, even when we like to be in the group. Sharing is possible only with people who has better understanding about us and about the concept what we deliver. It’s a kind of happiness we feel, when someone really understand us or listen us wholeheartedly. Most of the people prefer to share things with others. They feel some peace by sharing.

The people who prefer to be alone feels the same peace , even they are out of group. I am not degrading the people who like to be with the group. But I can say, for SOME, being alone is preferable and they feel more enjoyment while they are alone compare to be with the group.


chaitannya said...

Thanks for expanding the idea further. I am putting the update with the link of this post on my blog

sowmya said...

thanks chaitanya

Mahendra said...

Not many people understand the different and appreciate the people who like to be alone. Your post is a good way to explain the difference.

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. And I don't know where to write this (as there's no About Me page on blogspot except the perfunctory 'Profile' page), but I like your blog and am adding you to my blogroll. Keep it up!

Sowmya said...

hi mahendra,

Thanks for your feedback.Since, it had been long time, i updated this blog.Atpresent, I am much more concentrating on my tamil blog as well as audio blog.Sorry for my delayed reply.I will try to update this blog soon.

Once again thank you so much for your time you spend here to read my posts.:)